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written by BeLinda Magee

(This poem was inspired by reading Psalm 12:1 and Isaiah 59:19.)

Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.
Psalm 12:1

…When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.
Isaiah 59:19

You cannot afford
For your life to be bored,
And tangled with cares of this world.

Get in accord
It is a two-edged SWORD.

To fight life’s enemies,
Be clothed as well with SPIRITUAL ARMOR.

You can even say, “Help LORD”!
This is part of GOD’S HOLY WORD.
Then watch GOD’S ACTIONS which
cannot be ignored.

© 2011  BeLinda Magee.  All Rights Reserved.


Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...

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written by BeLinda Magee

(To demonstrate GOD’S creativity resulted in this Old Testament poem by reading its powerful words.)

Beginning with emphasis,
Is the first book, GENESIS.
All creation is discovered

The Leader, Moses, with GOD’S People
Have an exit in EXODUS,
They didn’t know the solution
Would be aqueous.

The priestly tribe of Levi
Is contained in LEVITICUS.
When the people disobeyed GOD,
Now that was iniquitous.

Forty years in a journey
Can be studied in NUMBERS.
GOD’S rebellious people, though protected,
Did make many blunders.

Unfaithfulness and disobedience
Is found in DEUTERONOMY,
Moses spoke of GOD’S LAWS
But GOD’S people had a mind for autonomy.

JOSHUA follows the death of Moses,
He received GOD’S COMMANDS,
With new and unknown adventures
And everything that imposes.

Idol worship and rejection of the LORD
Resulted in JUDGES,
When GOD’S People were defeated,
They had many grudges.

Naomi and Boaz were loved by RUTH
She gleaned in the fields,
Also great-grandmother of King David,
And that’s the truth.

Samuel, Saul , and David
A prophet, and two kings
Are mentioned in a huge manual,
Which comprises I & II SAMUEL.

Good and evil things
Are the reports they bring,
When you read and study
The history of I & II KINGS.

As we continue, King David still reigns
There is nothing quite ironical,
Followed by Solomon and other kings

Then comes book of EZRA
He was GOD’S helper.
Praying and praising GOD
Surely, he was not a slacker.

Next book is NEHEMIAH
He knew GOD’S People would not tire,
As long as they had a “mind to work”
Their responsibility they would not shirk.

GOD’S People were hated
On the scene comes ESTHER,
Risked her life to become queen,
That was no conjecture.

Enduring great suffering
Was a rich man named JOB.
His friends thought he had sinned,
They foolishly began to probe.

The longest book in the BIBLE is PSALMS
With poems, prayers, praises and songs,
One can find relief in them
They produce a great calm.

Want to read a collection of sayings
And powerful statements that don’t disturb?
Including wisdom and poetry – superb
This next book is PROVERBS.

You will discover joy with them,
They speak of Wisdom and Poetry and Love,
No other like this that comes from above.

The book of prophet ISAIAH had a big task at hand
He spoke for the LORD to the people
About their future in the land,
As long as they had GOD in their plan.

JEREMIAH has prophecy as well
This book of war has a story to tell.
Although GOD was leading him,
He was put in a jail cell.

GOD’S People had greatly sinned
As a result, they were punished then,
Jeremiah’s sorrow brought his LAMENTATIONS,
With these people, he had great consternations.

Then comes a priest and a prophet, EZEKIEL,
Who warned of GOD’S PUNISHMENT and SWORD,
Sounds like some previous BIBLE BOOKS – a sequel?
If only the people would hear the WORD OF THE LORD!

Oh, the next great prophetic book, DANIEL
A good example with his friends,
Who taught us how to handle
Ourselves with integrity, prayer, and visions,
Not an inkling of a scandal.

These prophetic books tell what it requires
Not to sin and how to reap bountiful blessings
Oh, what great and inspiring lessons.

Inform you how not to get stuck,
And not to get set in your stubborn ways,
These prophets will help you all of your days.


These prophetic books remind us
That THE ALMIGHTY GOD will reward and punish,
That THE ALMIGHTY GOD is always nigh.

© 2011 by BeLinda Magee. All Rights Reserved.

Royal Sons & Daughters

Adore the King of Kings

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by BeLinda Magee

(My poem was inspired by reading Psalm 144:11-15 and Romans 8:5-23.)

“Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.” Psalm 144:15

I’m a child of THE KING
I’m a child of THE KING

Not a king with earthly bling

There are pearly gates
With a street of gold
The HOLY BIBLE says it is so
That’s how I’ve been told.

You can be included in this ROYAL FAMILY
Deny yourself, take up your cross
JESUS’ WORDS also say, “Follow me”.

JESUS was crucified, is risen, and coming again
Will you be found still tangled in sin?
The HOLY SPIRIT wlll guide
THe HOLY SPIRIT will keep
Whatever you sow is what you will reap

To be an heir with THE LORD OF LORDS,
To be an heir with THE KING OF KINGS
Is there a better, more powerful cling?
Than to want to be a child

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee All Rights Reserved.

CHRIST JESUS is Coming Again


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by BeLinda Magee

(My poem was inspired by reading

Thessalonians, Chapter 4 & Chapter 5.)


When JESUS cracks the sky
Did you have time to apply?

Before JESUS’ return
Did you have time to learn
To run the Christian race?

Be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, right now, any hour.

Doing your own thing?
Immersed in having a fling?

Too busy having a ball,
To heed the final call,
Before the final fall?

If you wait,
It might be too late!!!

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee.

 All Rights Reserved.

The Bible Poem


This poem was written by George Rigby, in Damascus, Syria in 1941 while on duty in World War II.

The Bible’s Books are Sixty Six
The Spirit – their recorder;
Their stories – how they can transfix
So here they are – in order.


In GENESIS I will begin
With Adam, and with Eve
Who knew not any form of sin
‘Til Satan did deceive.

Now EXODUS will tell us most
Of Moses – Man of God,
And how he led all Israel’s host
When many miles they trod.

To LEVITICUS you have to turn
And read about the law;
The sacrifices which did burn
Unblemished – without flaw.

The next one tells of sin and shame
And how it all encumbers.
This book is good – here is its name

Now JOSHUA was told to do
By vision – and by sound
To there and then remove his shoe
From off the Holy Ground.

JUDGES tells us – all forlorn
of Samson and Delilah,
And how his lovely locks were shorn
His sight gone – nothing viler.

Then next, there comes a parting scene
The story – we all know as
The understanding love between
Naomi – RUTH – and Boaz.

First and second SAMUEL,
First and second KINGS:
They are a first class manual
And full of wondrous things.

First and second CHRONICLES now
Speak of one good Sire
Who gave his gold, and cedar bough
Hiram – King of Tyre.

In EZRA Six – and verse nineteen
A feast has been restored
The Israelites – it will be seen
Had God, their Lord, ignored.

Their story you will all recall
Concerning – NEHEMIAH
Who started on Jerusalem’s wall
And built it – Higher and Higher.

In ESTHER there’s a warning
And loudly – it is rung
For Haman was, one morning
On his own gallows – hung.

Faith is something hoped for
The evidence – not yet seen;
JOB had faith, with patience
And few – like him – there’s been.

David wrote the book of PSALMS
And one day in his path
He slew a man, of brawny arms
Goliath – the giant of Gath.

King Solomon was very wise
The PROVERBS he did write.
To fame, and power, he did arise
Please read this book – tonight.

ECCLESIASTES, Five-verse one
Is very plainly put
So when you to God’s house have gone
Remember – keep thy foot.

SONG OF SOLOMON, speaks of Love
So turn to it, and search
The story speaks of one above
Who is waiting for the Church.

The Prophets’ Books, are next in turn
And one is called ISAIAH
The “Spirit” helps us to discern
And the next is – JEREMIAH.

Sorrow and love, are indications
Chastening – the theme
A wondrous book is LAMENTATIONS
Jehovah’s ways are seen.

EZEKIEL was in Babylon
All Judah, was therein
To that strange land, they all had gone:
God’s punishment, for their sin.

The children’s story, I will pen
And grown-ups too, will gape
It tells of DANIEL, in the Den
And how he did escape.

Turn over now, and have no fear
A sad tale, you will find
The writer, is by name HOSEA
He pours to you, his mind.

Of insects, does this story speak
In JOEL chapter one
The land with palmerworms doth reek
But do keep reading on.

Is reading at its best
Your heart may throb, you will retire
Abundantly well blessed.

There’s JONAH next, who would not preach
And so he did set sail.
He never thought, the shore he’d reach
Inside a great big whale.

Jerusalem, The Ancient City
Samaria, as well.
God does render them no pity
MICAH does this story tell.

And then comes NAHUM who does quote
Of God, who does not fail
The wicked city, which he smote
By sword by fire and gate.

I will rejoice, yes, in the Lord
And this verse, you will see.
The text itself, I will applaud
Read HABAKKUK, chapter three.

Not forgetting – MALACHI
Will thrill you, through and through.

All speak, with one accord
Of Jesus – who is God’s dear Son
Our Saviour – Master – Lord.

ACTS and ROMANS will recall
Of one who was converted;
You will be told – of one named Saul
Whose journey was diverted.

Give us Paul’s advice.
He states Christ’s love is ever new
But he also deals with vice.

The next four books –
Are to the Church
All written by one hand.
They warn the people, not to lurch
For Apostasy was in the land.

The THESSALONIANS now we reach
And here we have an inkling:
“Be Ready” as the books do teach
When Christ comes – in a twinkling.

The books of TIMOTHY which are two
Are followed on by TITUS
They point us to the paths anew
Where nothing will affright us.

“Onesimus” – who once did steal
When tempted by the Demon
He brought a letter, with the seal
Of Paul – to one PHILEMON.

HEBREWS is a wondrous tale
Of Prophets, old and true
“By Faith” their works, they did avail
Christ gives that faith – to you.

A Guiding book comes to us now
And read – you really must
It is the Christian path – I vow
The author – JAMES the Just.

PETER first — and PETER second
Tells us of Declensions
And our attention too, is beckoned
To matters, which he mentions.

First – Second and Third JOHN
And next to them comes JUDE
They tell of one – God’s dear Son
Who gives our Spiritual Food.

Then as this story, comes to end
We read of Devastation
For God – His wrath, will surely send
You must read REVELATION.



The North Transept windows from Chartres Cathedral

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by BeLinda Magee

Our lives are much more than our clothes and food
Because OUR HEAVENLY FATHER created us –
That was very good.

GOD’S diverse species of birds are adequately fed
By HIM to get food, they are divinely led.

GOD’S beautiful flowers simply grow in soil
There is no task to sweat nor toil.

Spending too much time thinking about tomorrow?
GOD always cares if there is some sorrow.

I Kings, Chapter 10 tells about Solomon‘s glory
Acquiring faithfulness in GOD, we’ll have a better story.

© 2011 BeLinda Magee. All Rights Reserved.

(MY poem was inspired by reading Matthew 6:25-30.)

Something to Prove

Homeless and hungry

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by BeLinda Magee

God made us vessels – LIVING
Don’t let your bodies produce the wrong kind of giving.

You’re on display,
Don’t make it a dismay.

You don’t have to be nervous,
GOD just wants your reasonable service.

Let the world see from you and me

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee. All rights reserved.

(My poem was inspired from reading Romans 12: 1-2.)

Thank You GOD for Today

by BeLinda Magee

Thank you GOD for today,
YOU will help me to find YOUR WAY.

I’m already thinking about tomorrow,
Hoping it won’t bring pain nor sorrow.

I haven’t yet started today’s run,
Getting tomorrow’s anxiety before the setting of the sun.

Now I must get back into focus
No need to meddle and discuss
What tomorrow might bring
O Heavenly Father, for your GRACE to cling
Enough temptations and trials this day will bring
And pray to YOU and for me to do the right thing!

So I’ll praise GOD and simply say
Thank you GOD for today,
YOU will help me to find YOUR WAY.

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee. All rights reserved.

(My poem was inspired by reading Matthew 6:34 & James 4:14.)

A Remedy

The Ten Commandments of the Mosaic Law on a mo...

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by BeLinda Magee

There is a remedy
To fight that enemy
Not with weapons or hands

Will supply the sword
To conquer with Love, not hate
Participate with a clean slate

If enemy hungry, then feed ’em
That’s how you’ll win ’em
Providing them food
In that you’re doing good

If enemy thirsty, then give them a beverage
To give you that leverage

To trust what GOD has said
By the HOLY SPIRIT, that’s how you will be led.

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee. All rights reserved.

Scriptures can be read from:
Proverbs 25:21; Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:20


Noah's sacrifice

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by BeLinda Magee

And it came to pass that Noah appears,
Then followed the people’s jeers.

It took a long time coming,
There was a lot of humming,
Sounds of rain,
With it came the people’s pain.

Let me in! Let me in!
The Ark that Noah built with no other men.
Too late! Too late!
Noah and his family were the only eight.

The world will be destroyed no more by WATER,
Next time, by FIRE!

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee. All rights reserved.

(My poem was inspired from scriptures read from:
Genesis: Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9:1-12;
2 Peter 3:7)