About Me

BeLinda Magee is an avid reader of GOD’S Holy Word from Genesis to Revelation and has a keen insight of scriptures to “rightly divide the word of truth”.  Her favorite Bible translations are the King James Version and the Amplified Bible.  A college graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Roosevelt Universty, Chicago, Illinois, BeLinda loves to apply the “Word of Truth” based on GOD’S PRINCIPLES throughout the Old and New Testaments. BeLinda is also known as a bible reader in her community through radio, charitable & community events, and various churches throughout the United States, over Africa and ISRAEL.
Email address: belindamagee7@gmail.com

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks, Belinda, your website is beautiful and worth everything to the beliverers. May God continue to bless you with your work for him. Mrs T.

  2. Thanks Belinda. With so much discouragement in the world, it’s refreshing to see you do what God has given you to do.

  3. Hi Belinda,
    You are a ray of sunshine to all who visit your website.
    The inspiration you share with others is a gift only from God.


  4. Hi Belinda

    What a wonderful way to start the day knowing God loves and cares for us, and will supply all our needs.

    God bless you,
    Denise Mark

  5. Sis. Magee,

    This was put together very nicely. I pray that you will continue with it so that all who read it will be blessed! Thanks for sharing with me. Miss Tammy.

  6. BeLinda,
    It’s Monday morning and I started my day with Pastor Barnes and the Prayer Line.Then I was determine to find your website and it is a great blessing reading postings from someone you actually know.I thank God for allowing our paths to cross.You are an inspiration!!!!! Many Blessings to you! Sister Marian Hayes

  7. Belinda, Thank you for sharing such a beautiful website. You are truly blessed and a blessing to others. Please continue in God’s work.


  8. Belinda,
    My sister led me to your website….What an inspiration. I thank God for using people like you to be the vessel he commands us to be to lead others to Him. I pray His Grace be over you as you press on in His Name.

  9. I am so happy that you started this website – it will be one of the inspirations that I need each day. God bless you in all of your works for Him. Who would have known those many years ago when we met at school that you would be inspiring me in such a way – no one but God. God bless you – you have made Bervin proud I am sure….Selena

  10. Sister Belinda:
    Thank you for inviting me to your web site. Now I have another place to go to for daily devotional time. The site is beautiful. May our God continue to bless and strength you as you go forward with this wonderful tool.

  11. dear sis. belinda,,what a powerful and blessed site here… i pray continued strength and Gods anointing hand on your mind.. thank you for the invitation. .i found a new place for devotion. soon the world will find solace here. God Bless You…

  12. Love it! Love it! Love it! There are great references and study guides for our daily faith
    walk as Christians living in this world. The poems are inspirational and I can’t wait to see what is next!
    Sabrina Mizell

  13. Dear Belinda,I was Blessed by your new additions and encouraged when I read I have been redeemed,forgiven and adopted by God from Col.1:14.Your poem “The Holy Bible” was good reading.Many Blessing to you!!!! Sister Marian H.

  14. Its been a blessing meeting you . Every since I meet u its been a changing in me. I thank god for meeting u and being a friend to u

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