A Poem about The HOLY BIBLE

A presentation edition of a GOD'S WORD bible

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written by BeLinda Magee

Is definitely not liable,
If we do not understand
Of what ALMIGHTY GOD meant
Through HIS SON, JESUS – HE sent
To all mankind –
Men, Women, and Children,
Seeing or Blind

For those that are brave
Or for those that fear
For those that can or cannot hear,

For those that can or cannot talk
For those that can or cannot walk,
No good reasons to be made,
All excuses will have to fade.

By reading THE HOLY BIBLE it can enlighten our understanding,
To give us a smooth and safe landing,
Or to climb a very high altitude
Without being prideful or crude.

In GOD’S WORD (THE HOLY BIBLE) we can soar
Yet be humble to seek GOD for HIS WISDOM and more.
It’s for acquiring faith, comfort, and  GOD’S PEACE,
And conforming to the image of JESUS CHRIST
Unnecessary stress will have to cease.

To obtain knowledge, and wisdom, and learn about HIS unconditional love,
That only comes from OUR HEAVENLY FATHER above.
To learn to give HIM Thanks,
And to learn how not to yield to sin,
And to learn by using GOD’S WORD, this is the way to gain power to win.

Have you received THE HOLY SPIRIT because you believe?
GOD’S SON, JESUS, died and rose again for us to freely receive
THE HOLY SPIRIT who guides us into all truths.
THE HOLY BIBLE reveals infallible proofs.

By reading and studying THE HOLY BIBLE there’s help on all these levels,
And to learn how to love your enemies
And to learn how to resist the devil.

And to learn how to love,
And to learn how to pray,
And to draw nearer to ALMIGHTY GOD,
To know that JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY –

Copyright 2011 BeLinda Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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