A Seed Must Get Dirty To Grow

by Joseph Jackson

Every farmer and gardener will attest to the fact that a seed must be planted to grow. The soil that the seed is planted must contain the right balance of nutrients and fertilizer to promote the growth of the seed.

In the parable of "the sower and the seed" (Matthew 13:4-8 & 18-23), seed fell on stony ground, encumbered ground (thorns and weeds) and good ground, but dirt is the constant element in each listed ground. Believers must be mindful that God has placed in each of us a seed of great potential, a reflection of His greatness and we are planted in a world of "dirt" (circumstances, situations and conditions) which will either make us who we are, or it will make us into Who we will become (the image of Jesus Christ).

No matter how much dirt, or fertilizer a seed is buried under - it will grow toward the sun. Conversely, no matter how much dirt and manure our lives seem buried under we will reach for the Son, the "light of the world."

A passerby cannot tell what kind of crop has been planted in a field before the seeds sprout. All they can see is rows of piled dirt, but the farmer knows. People may be able t o see the odirt in our lives, but God knows what He has planted in us. He sees our potential, His promise more than our problems. He knows how to regulate the proper balance of food, water and light [pain, adversity, pressure] to produce a fruitful crop to bring Him glory from our lives. "...And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction,...(Isaiah 30:20). Don't feel bad about the dirt in your life as long as you're reaching for the Son.

Copyright 2010 Joseph Jackson. Used with Permission.

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